sábado, marzo 27, 2010


so.. am i back to blogging?
i'm so moody, i have no clue.

so what really made me come back to this sad, old, abandoned blog?

i have been told recently that i need to let out more emotions, so here i am.
and anyone who says this isn't letting out emotions can shut up.
this post will be a jumble of things that are not connected to each other.

first up, things i see on the road on a daily basis that i do not understand.
smashing title.

1. when the left side of the road is empty, why do people on motorcycles still calmly ride in the middle of the road? are they ASKING to be crashed by the cars behind them? *grumble grumble*

2. when a couple rides a motorcycle with a little kid squashed in the middle or front, most of the time i see the couple wearing helmets but none on the kid. what's up with that? if they crash, the 'parents' or whatever could walk away without a concussion, but then the kid gets brain damage. sorry, i just don't get it.

3. a car (so it's not all motorcycles) opens up a window and then throws trash out to the road. what, you can afford a car but you can't afford a little trash can in it? or, can't you just collect the trash and wait a bit to dispose properly when you arrive at wherever you're going? imagine if a hundred people do this a day. hello, flood.

4. a couple rides a motorcycle and it's raining. the guy wears a raincoat and the girl doesn't! she's soaking wet! and it's most likely a couple because the girl clings the guy romantically from behind. i'm sorry but i cannot see the romance in this. my boyfriend would never let me walk out in the rain without an umbrella, let alone be soaked on a motorcycle. with HIM driving (or whatever you call it on a motorcycle) nonetheless.

ah. well.
i'm hungry now so toodles!