sábado, septiembre 19, 2009

the big two-oh

well well well. long time no see, eh?
sorry i neglected this blog for a while, hehe.
i decided to jump back in to blogging.
because these past time when i wasn't blogging, things were crazy.
and i mean, CRAZY.

last semester of med school was hell.
it was probably the lowest point i ever got to in all those years in school.
thankfully, i didn't fail anything although you can't say my grades are satisfying. oh well. haha.

this year, i decided i have to be more serious and study more.
(although i never really tried studying more, but that's not the point)
so far, i only skipped one class (by "accident", haha) and i really did try to concentrate better in my classes.
i somewhat have a short attention span, and to concentrate in something that is not interesting to me, like.. oh, okay, in biochemistry, it is just murder.

so i try, i do.

i turned 20 years old just a couple days ago, on September 16th.

i was at Bandung with my parents and the crew of the culinary TV show my dad is currently hosting.
so right at the midnight of my birthday, they were still shooting an episode.

can't say much about leaving the nineteenth year of my life behind.
i think i made a lot of mistakes throughout last year, some i don't think i'd like to remember at all.
some moments were great though.
like the fact that i passed the worst semester i ever had without failing anything, and actually without studying all that much, was pretty cool. (i'm not proud of it though!)

for the twentieth year of my life, i'd like to:

1. study more because to be a forensic medical doctor would not be easy, and i need to know all i can get in school..

2. read more books, not just all japanese manga..

3. still faithfully collect Baby-Sitters Club books..

4. be more considerate of others..

5. get a good toefl score..

andddd.. that's it for now.

on another topic, eventhough i haven't written stuff for a while, i still like to read other people's blogs.
and i noticed that people tend to have a specific purpose of their blog.
like there's fashion blogs, personal blogs, poetry blogs, art blogs, etc.
i have no idea what the purpose of my blog is.
my mind tends to skip a lot from one thing to another, and i have many different kinds of interests.

i realize that i like to write because it's my way to vent.
maybe other people vent in other ways, like dressing up, making art, making poems, and all that.
but i write.
no matter how useless it looks like.

i don't care if you read this or not.
i like to write, whatever nonsense it is.
hey, i'm 20 now, better do what i like while i still got the chance, right? ;)

by the way, as i write this, the next day will be Lebaran.
as tradition goes, i sincerely apologize for every wrong-doing and mistakes i made this past year.
have a great Lebaran everyone! :)