sábado, diciembre 19, 2009

what friends are for

well, ga kerasa udah 3 tahun kuliah, never thought that things could change a lot in 3 years.
khususnya di departemen pertemanan.

dari awalll banget kuliah, gue punya sekelompok temen deket yang selalu bareng2.
seiring berjalannya waktu sampe akhirnya di tahun ketiga ini, banyak yang berubah di kelompok ini.
ada yang dateng, ada yang pergi, ada yang udah pergi tapi balik lagi, dll.

gue merasa teman2 ini lah yang bakal bertahan, suka ato ga, karna mau ga mau kita bakalan satu profesi. kita akan terikat dengan pekerjaan yang sama sampai tua nanti. kita akan saling membutuhkan pendapat yang lain kalo ketemu kasus yang butuh second opinion.
jadi, gue jaga hubungan baik sebisa mungkin. i always try to be nice.

but then, pelan2, muncul sifat asli masing2.
ada yang berubah jd lebih baik, ada yang stagnan sifatnya begitu2 aja.

belakangan ini, pelan-pelan kebersamaan dlm kelompok ini jadi berubah dibanding tahun2 pertama kuliah..
banyak yang sibuk sama kegiatan masing2 yang udah beda2,
ada yang konflik sama temen dlm kelompok ini juga,
ada yang baru gabung,
ada yang pisah,

but personally, i don't think that it's a bad thing.
justru waktu yang udah lewat ini, dengan berbagai persoalan yang ada, nunjukkin mana yang bener2 teman dan mana yang, well, temen juga sih judulnya, tapi ikatan emosionalnya ga seberapa dalam.
we were all giggly teenagers when we met, and we've all grown up now, jadi seiring tambah dewasa pasti kepribadian kita juga ikut berubah, yang pengaruh ke hubungan kita sama orang lain, apalagi temen.

jujur, gue merasa masih ada temen2 yang berteman masih sama aja kayak dulu waktu sekolah, mau udah kuliah 3 tahun juga.
kalo ada konflik, ngajak2 orang lain buat ikut musuhin.
kalo temen punya konflik sama orang lain, ngompor2in temen itu buat makin musuhan.
kalo ada masalah, kurang bisa milah2 mana yang emang harus diperkarakan dan mana yang harus dilepas aja.
and i'm fed up with that.

apa teman itu cuma orang buat have fun bareng, dan kalo orang itu udah ga bikin fun, ya ga jadi temen?
buat gue, bukan itu artinya.

and so, to avoid all the drama that has happened, i came up with a simple rule for myself.
selama seorang 'teman' ga punya masalah secara pribadi sama gue, i will always stay nice.
i will always help as i can if they need me.
meskipun orang itu musuhan sama temen gue yang lain.
meskipun orang2 bilang temen gue itu bermasalah, bilang gue untuk jauhin dia, dsb.
selama dia ga buat masalah ke gue secara langsung, gue akan berbuat yang sama.
fair-fair-an aja.

if all else fails, yang penting gue tau yang mana yang bener2 temen gue.
and they know who they are.

what friends are for, for me, is an extension of your family.
people who will accept you and help you back up again, how badly you've acted to them or fell.
people who doesn't think of what they can get back by helping you.
people who stand by you but still keeps you in line.
yang lain dari itu, well, they're still called friends.
like in families, it doesn't mean you have to like each and every one of your family members all the time.
sama, walau namanya temen, it doesn't mean you have to like each and every one of them all the time.
liking them most of the time is good enough to be friends for me.

what do friends mean to you?

viernes, diciembre 04, 2009

a cat called Maru

i realized that even though i haven't updated my blog that much, i still love reading other people's blogs, so this is my attempt to keep this blogging thing up and running.

because i am a boring person, and therefore have nothing interesting to talk about, i will talk about another being, a more interesting one.
a cat, to be exact. (i didn't mean that to rhyme, really.)

my family has a cat. a fat, gray, one we named Maru, which is japanese for 'round'. because he looked like a cute cotton ball when he was an itsy, bitsy kitten.
we got him from my cousin's boyfriend, when he was only 2 months old.
now he's about 7 months old, i can't really remember, but he's bigger and fatter than a 1,5 year old cat.

he struts around the house like he owns us all, which i guess in a way he really does, because despite all the annoying things he's done (like, peeing all over the place), we still love him. most of the time.

here's an example of how Maru acts when i confront him of his disturbing doings.

"ugh, these humans! i just can't stand them!"
(shakes head in frustration)

"what now, stupid human?
how dare you stand like that in front of me!
bow to my greatness!"

"good, human. much better.
now, what is it that you want?
a treat for me, i assume?
no? you're asking me if i peed on that pillow?
hmmm.. let me think about it."

"obviously i am of complete innocence.
maybe YOU are the one who peed on that pillow.
i'm bored now, go away.
stupid human."

you can see, arrogant he may be, we cannot help but fall weakly to his amazing power of cuteness.
i have a lot of weird stories about Maru, more to come.
i have to post this before he finds out and then i'll have to give him kitty massages in slavery for the rest of my life.