domingo, mayo 23, 2010

an everlasting obsession

as you may already know, one of my life goals is to have every single book in the Baby-sitters Club series.

what do you mean you don't know that series?
did you live under a rock during the 1990's?

because i'm too lazy to explain what they're all about, and there's hundreds of the books in the series, you can easily google it if you don't know the awesomeness that is BSC (that's short for Baby-sitters Club, in case you can't figure that out).

i am pleased to say that there's a new BSC book coming out, after the series supposedly ended in 2000 (which i still haven't found the last book anywhere!). this new book is a prequel (i can't seem to understand why prequels are all the rage now), and it's called the Summer Before.

since sadly, as my brother informed me, doesn't send books to Indonesia (what's up with that, Amazon? i am heartbroken), i have lost all hope in completing my BSC collection.
when i get lucky, i sometimes could find a couple used ones when i hunt for books in Singapore, but that rarely happens.
and so, you can imagine my delight when the announcement of the prequel coming out, plus the reprinting of series.

plus, my brother said he's going to try and order some books from Amazon to be sent to Japan, where he currently lives, and he said i could order books from him.

i'm compiling my list.

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